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Christ-Centered Parenting

  • Why does my friend have two mommies?

  • Why can't I have a social media account?

  • Is Jesus really the only way?

  • Why can't you and Dad get along?

  • What's wrong with having sex with my boyfriend?

These kinds of questions and many more are being asked on some level by your children. Whether your kids are preschoolers, preteens, or young adults, you need to be prepared to help your children navigate the complex cultural issues of our day. This study provides resources for parents of children all ages to help connect them to the truth. 


In Christ-Centered Parenting, Russell Moore and Phillip Bethancourt will help equip you to discuss these topics and guide your children through difficult issues such as pornography, identity, homosexuality, abortion, technology, and more from a gospel perspective. This resource is designed to give you an understanding of the current issues, examine them from a biblical framework, and challenge you to lead your family to engage the culture with the gospel of Christ.


The study is on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm beginning on September 4th. The sign-up cost is $10 and will be facilitated by Stephen and Rachel Robbins. 

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