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Why Membership Matters


Membership at Elkin Valley is very important for several reasons. First, it demonstrates your commitment to the Lord’s work here in Elkin. Second, membership opens up service opportunities and privileges that are only available to members. Third, membership places you into a deeper part of community. At Elkin Valley, membership is reserved for baptized believers, who have received the gift of salvation and made a personal commitment to the Lord.

Steps to become a member:


1. Express your desire for membership. You can do this one of two ways: walk forward at the end of the service, during the response time, and tell the pastor you desire membership. OR, you can fill out a membership application and give it to a church staff member (applications are available at the back of the worship center on the information table). You will then be considered a candidate for membership.

2. Attend our Exploring Church Membership class. As a member candidate you will be introduced to Elkin Valley’s mission and work through this class. The class also helps you to find your place at Elkin Valley.

To learn more about our Exploring Church Membership class, please contact the church office at (336) 835-3808 or for a membership application, click below.

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